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The Gabriel Method – A Revolutionary Way To Lose Weight

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Jon Gabriel lost 220 pounds (102 Kg) in two years. His book, The Gabriel Method, was the first one that I read when I started to look for a different thing so as to put under control my issue with weight once and for all. When I am asked about this book, I like to say that the information within it saved my life. Some people answer that I might be exaggerating but, I know how I was feeling by the time and the strange things I had started to experience all around my body. The book explains in a comprehensive and easy-to-follow manner the theory and practice of a non-diet way of living. It unveils the true nature of numerous well spread myths and lies in which I believed myself and offers information that is not disseminated so frequently and extensively. Furthermore, the book is written with sincerity and many personal details. I connected with his story straightaway; I had gone through several of the anecdotes and sufferings that he tells in the book. I thought “he knows what he is talking about. And if he had finally succeeded, I can do it as well!”. It is a book encouraging and motivational.

Safety First

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The main tenet of The Gabriel Method is that the body must achieve a state of security; otherwise, it will not lose weight. You will continue exhausting yourself with diets and exercise but your body will not respond to your efforts and weight loss will not naturally occur. Thus, it’s really important that you and your body find ways to feel safe.

To this end, Jon Gabriel suggests several good tips such as visualization. For him, the psychological component is as crucial as your eating habits. Your feelings and thoughts determine to a large extent whether you feel safe or not. Also, he helps you to learn to identify very harmful, hidden ingredients which are present even in foods that you thought you knew very well already; in addition, he explains how eating “empty calories” sabotages your weight loss and teaches you how to identify them as well.

If I Have To Mention One Negative Point…

Meditation Visualization

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I would say that the only not-so-positive thing that I have to mention is that if you are a scientist or an expert on nutrition you may find some missing references and data you don’t agree with.


But, overall, I recommend this book for anyone who have had weight issues for a long time and have tried several diets, but now is looking for something different that ends the problem once and for all. I’ve gone through the pain of trying diet after diet for almost 20 years and I can say that this book helped me to break away from such a torturing and frustrating paradigm.

I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions about the book of The Gabriel Method or want to share your personal review with me, leave a comment below 😉

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8 Replies to “The Gabriel Method Book”

  1. HipStar

    I totally agree with the psychological component. Two years ago I finally got back to my healthy eight range (through exercise) because of my mindset and a feeling of inner wellbeing.
    Now, though, due to a health complication, I can’t run laps or do the real fat-burning training I used to. I’m looking for a new mindset based more around inner-health.
    If I use the Gabriel Method you are talking about, can I still get the same results I used to get from exercise?

    • Luz Post author

      Hello! The answer is yes, you can 🙂 Our bodies were designed to move and it does not necessarily mean that the movement has to be very vigorous or strenuous; the benefits of a simple walk are countless. So, if you keep your body moving, just doing the things you are able to now and the ones you love, and combine it with mental techniques such as visualization, meditation or even tapping or EFT you will be undoubtedly on the way to your optimal weight and health. If you really believe that you are a healthy person, you will. Remember, believing is seeing; we don’t grant this phrase the importance that it deserves. But I did it and started to experience marvelous things… 😉

  2. Vivek

    What a great life saver your site seems to be! I have also been trying to lose weight and found your review of the Gabriel Method very interesting. I really liked the suggestion of visualization. Visualization works in such a large number of ways but I, somehow, had not imagined that it could be used for weight loss as well! Overall seems to be an inspiring book and worth a read.

    • Luz Post author

      Thank you very much, Vivek! Yes, I could not imagine that visualization worked for weigh loss goals either! The Gabriel Method book is, indeed, what you say, a worth and a really inspiring read for those who are already very tired of fighting against excess weight and are about to quit. It’s not the end! It’s just that they still haven’t found the right approach 😉

  3. KC

    The image at the top is eye-catching. You have something very unique to talk about. That’s a method most people have heard about before. I haven’t heard about security being the big factor in weight loss. I think you will have
    some success getting people to check this stuff out.

    • Luz Post author

      Thank you very much for your comment! I hope many people can benefit from the kind of information that I share here because it is this info the one that, at last, changed my life forever (and for good!).

      All best!

  4. Rob S.

    This interests me because I was a display designer and I always used visualization in designing. While I’ve tried many diets over the years, I have not heard of the Gabriel Method. I believe this could help me because visualizing the end result of what my weight loss would look like and what it would feel like would help me accomplish my goal weight.

    • Luz Post author

      Thanks a lot for your comment, Rob! Yes, you are right, visualizing the end result helps you indeed to accomplish your goal weight and I resort to my own experience with weight issues. While I got some results with diets, it was not until the very moment I started to do this visualization exercises that I have been able not only to achieve the body that I had always wanted but to maintain it throughout the years 🙂

      All best for you, Rob. You will win!


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