7lbs In 7 Days: The Juice Master Diet

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Juicing For Health And Weight Loss

Product: 7lbs in 7 Days: The Juice Master Diet
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Features of 7lbs in 7 Days: The Juice Master Diet

jason-vale's-bookWhether you want to make a juice fast for losing weight or you are willing to include in your diet fresh juices to improve your health, this book by Jason Vale will definitely help you. 7lbs in 7 Days: The Juice Master Diet is full of super tasty juices’ recipes and tips for you to get started easily with the plan. Don’t bother to make the shopping list or to figure out how you will organize the whole thing of juicing, he makes it for you! 🙂 I used this book as my guide when I did my first juice fast and it all flowed smoothly; I though it would be a painful process but this book made it really easy. In fact, nowadays I still use some of its recipes for drinking my daily dose of juice or when I feel like fasting for some days. Love it!


  • Full of tips that make the process of juicing very easy.
  • The book also contains interesting and revealing information about disease and how we could live healthier, longer lives. duronic-je10-juicer


  • Well, it is not a con if you are changing your lifestyle since you will find it very useful in the long term, but the book requires you to get a juicer! 😀


I strongly recommend 7lbs in 7 Days: The Juice Master Diet whether you’re just getting started with juicing or you have already tried it. The recipes, information and advice within are very valuable and you can have it as your reference book not only for juicing but for leaving a healthier life.

I hope you have enjoyed this review; and remember, if you have any questions or want to leave your own personal insights about Jason Vale book, leave them below. They are much appreciated! 😉


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