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Hello! Let us give you a warm and encouraging welcome to Lose Weight Without Diets, El Viaje de Luz‘s site specialized in weight and bodily image issues. 

It doesn’t matter how many diets you have tried or About Luzhow many times you have lost weight only to gain it all again (or even a few more pounds as a gift). Yes, it doesn’t matter how frustrated and tired you are feeling right now because we assure you that it is possible to get the healthy and slim body that you deserve; and it is neither a science fiction story (as they have made you believe), nor a big secret only available for a few fortunate. We know it very well.

The Founder’s Experience

My name is Luz, I run this site and I went through weight management problems for almost twenty years. I tried a million diets and I exercised myself into the ground. But one day, I came upon Albert Einstein’s definition of “insanity”: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Then I suddenly understood the terrible contradiction: if I had been dieting almost my whole life, why was I still overweight? I had the feeling that I had been spending long hours in the gym and also counting calories and starving myself to get just the opposite results that I was aiming for. Self-control, will power and many different routines of exercise were supposed to provide me with the slim body I was yearning for but, instead of that, I was been led towards severe overweight year after year. I invested so much effort, sweat and tears only to be further and further away from my intended goal. I was more than frustrated, but I think that hearing certain comments about my self-discipline, my ability to commit, improve and make sacrifices was even more painful.

luz-pictureHowever, I have very good news! I finally stopped this vicious cycle that got me trapped since I was very little. And this is the reason why I created this site. I want to spread the word and help people like yourself to lose all those extra pounds that are making you feel miserable. And, with miserable, I am referring not only to the more physical and visual aspect of weight problems but also to many other dimensions which are overlooked too often. For instance, you may have a sense of unease in your own body; or, perhaps, you feel profoundly distracted because of your weight issues and thus it’s terribly difficult for you to stay focused on your job or even on giving to your family and friends the love and attention that they deserve. What I am sure about is that the typical sequence of diets (hope with the weight loss, and then deeper despair when you gain it all again) drains your energy and you end up living a life which lacks purpose, meaning and joy.

In order to help you, I am going to share here my personal experiences and all the things that I have discovered over these years in my own journey to optimum physical and mental health. Because, yes, finally…

I Reached My Goal!

luz-pictureI used my research skills as Ph.D. student and started to investigate other approaches in order to lose weight and get healthier. I resorted to scientific papers and books and also to the testimonials of amazing people that had already gained the weight battle without dieting. I applied all the knowledge I was acquiring to solve my own problems and, for the first time in more than twenty years, it all started to flow smoothly. Today, according to the measure of the popular Body Mass Index (my BMI is 21), my weight falls in the category of healthy. But, let me confess something that I thought I would never say when I was fighting excess weight: the best thing is not being slim eventually, but feeling free. Yes, free from nightmares in which, after a long period of struggle and abstinence, I would gain all the weight back; free from the pressure of stepping on the scale; free from the stress of counting calories and restraining certain foods… In short, free from any obsession related to food, weight and sizes.

During my personal battle, I truly understood that health had to be above any other measure. With “truly understand” I mean that health started to be more than a sensible aspiration for me. It turned out to be a way of living, the way of living that my body and my entire persona were deserving since the very beginning. Now I live and I behave like a healthy person; taking care of my well-being is an integral part of a life’s paradigm which is based on pure love and self-respect. Many people will think that this is simply the logical thing to do. But, the truth is that, for many persons like me, who have been caught up in eating patterns which are against nature’s laws for so many years, it is not difficult to lose perspective eventually. But don’t worry, you will regain it.

Now It’s Your Turn…

The time has come. You deserve to honor yourself and stop the torturing practice of dieting. It’s time for change, time for a new paradigm. Don’t surrender and give yourself the opportunity to win. Start reading and applying to your daily life the amazing information and tips that you will find in this site. It works, I’m living proof of it!  😉

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you ever need any feedback or support regarding the topics that are dealt on this site, I’m here to help. If you would like to go a step further and inquiry about the exclusive method SinDiets© that we have created for you in El Viaje de Luz, click here to ask for more information and start your own adventure with the best professional advice.

Also, if you would like to share interesting information or any opinion about the content, please feel free to express yourself! I love learning and feedback is very welcome in any form 🙂 Just leave your comment below. Don’t forget to check my site regularly for interesting and encouraging updates.

I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss journey and thank you for stopping by! 😀

All best,


Founder and CEO of Lose Weight Without Diets & El Viaje de Luz

email: info@elviajedeluz.com

Website background image: El Viaje de Luz

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